Month: November 2017

Month: November 2017

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Beautiful skin in 11 steps

20 but look 40? No need to hide your face under makeup or your body with clothes. These beauty tips will help you improve your skin.

Consider your water

Soft water does not remove soap well. It can leave your skin with residue. Use cleansers sparingly if your water is soft. Hard water does not allow soap to lather easily. This can cause dryness. Gentle, non-soap formulas can minimize this.

Drink green tea

If your complexion is blotchy or red, green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties can help. Iced is best as hot beverages can worsen rosacea and redness. Sub tea for coffee and prevent discolouration and fine lines.

Keep stress in check

Stress takes a toll on your body, especially your skin. When you are stressed, your skin becomes oilier and it loses its ability to repel acne-causing bacteria. To keep stress under control, practice stress-management techniques, such as meditation, yoga and deep breathing.

Improve your air quality

Avoid smoky environments. Cigarette smoke can trigger the release of radicals that hasten ageing. Dry indoor air can make fine lines conspicuous and dehydrate your skin. Run a humidifier in your room to minimize these problems. And replace the air filter regularly to eliminate indoor pollutants.

Watch sun exposure indoors

UV rays can penetrate the windows in your office and home and bring on browning and wrinkling. Car windows are no exception. Always wear a moisturizer or sunscreen to prevent wrinkles, sun damage and skin cancers.

Visit a laser clinic

Laser skin care is effective in reducing skin irregularities, such as facial wrinkles, blemishes and acne scars. The lasers will zap and your skin will itch, but at the end of the day, you will look younger. A great suggestion for a type of skin clinic to visit would be Lasertech Clinic – skin clinic.

Monitor your dairy intake

Consuming a lot of milk can lead to serious acne breakouts. Instant breakfast drinks and cottage cheese are also associated with acne. Cutting back on dairy would not solve a pimple problem. But it may help those who suffer from severe breakouts. For better results, take a supplement or consume leafy greens to get enough calcium.

Pay attention to cleansers

If you have dry skin, a non-soap cleanser is ideal. It moisturizes your skin, thus preventing eczema, dryness and psoriasis. Therefore, apply a moisturizer after bathing or washing your face.

Choose water-based hair products

Some styling creams, as well as conditioners, pomades and volumizers, contain waxes or oils that can create acne and clog pores, especially on the hairline, the back and the forehead. Instead, use water-based formulas and shun those containing beeswax, mineral oil or microcrystalline wax.

Sleep a full night

Being sleep-deprived stresses your body, causing it to release cortisol and adrenaline which can trigger skin problems. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep each day is a good move.

Check your medicine cabinet

Some antibiotics, anti-seizure medications, oral contraceptives and fertility drugs can cause breakouts. Diuretics, antidepressants and some antihistamines can precipitate dry skin. And certain diabetes treatments and antibiotics can make you susceptible to sun damage. If your skin reacts while taking a particular drug, consult your physician.